Matteo doc Fossati
Matteo doc Fossati
Classic House, Disco, Deep House, Electro Funk, Funk / R&B, House, Lounge, Soul, Soulful House
DJ & Producer
A new sound is here and ready to take over, one that shatters the arena’s and clubs of the dance scene… what started as a little boy’s dream, soon became reality. With grounding in classical theory and a view to the contemporary, Matteo is a new breed of artist.

Matteo is a DJ/producer from Genova from the North of Italy; a DJ for more then two decades and still his passion for good electronic music continue to grow by the day.

The adventure began when Matteo discovered his love for dance music, he displayed great talent for rhythm and musical composition and his music career began in 1988 along with an ever growing passion for club music.

With music as his driving force and turntables at the ready, Matteo began his quest and soon he found himself being paid to do what he loved the most.

‘I started getting paid for gigs at very young age. That was surreal.’

Over the next few years, the bookings increased, as did his reputation. His skills earned him a residency at Vanilla, Victor Vittorio and Covo di Nord-Est; and clubs across the country were beating a path to his door.

His tracks and remixes are infusion of catchy electronic sounds and today Matteo has signed a number of tracks under different guises with several Italian labels.

With so much demand and praise, Matteo could have easily decided to choose the simple life – take an easy paycheck each week, playing the same tunes, with the same skills to the same people – but his love of music and his desire pulled him back to tour and live perform.

As for the future, it only looks bright as Matteo ventures into brand himself in the international dance scene and today he is performing in a number of prestigious clubs across Europe :from Milano to Sardinia, from Salento to Poland ; he is regularly appearing at Gasoline, Etoile, Bianconiglio, Vip Cafe, Boccaccio,Mosquito Beach, Koku, Pepero and Taawa.


Since 1989 to present professional D.J. free-lance for the best night clubs and disco, such as:

1989-1990: Il Veliero (GE)
1990-1994: Victor Vittorio (GE)
1994-1996: Vanilla (GE)
1996-1998: Soul 2 Soul (GE)
1999-2002: Covo di Nord Est (GE)
1999-2007: Liquid Art Café (GE)
2001-2004: Just One (GE)
2003-2007: Schooner (Sestri Lev. - GE)
2004-2006: Vanilla (GE)
2005: White (GE)
2006: Kilo (Santa Margherita Lig. - GE)
2007: Sys (GE) - Horus (SV)
2008: Koku (OT) - Albikokka (GE)
2009: Koku Winter (SS) - Koku (OT)
2012: Briciole (GE)

Performing also in the following Clubs:

Mako (GE), Cezanne (GE), Camilla (SV), Matilda (GE), Cisterne del Ducale (GE), M&M (GE), Mammunia (Recco - GE), Bulli & Pupe (GE), New Paips (GE), La Rocca (S.Stefano d'Aveto - GE), Maddox (GE), Gilda (Varazze - SV), Lanterna (CN), Gatsby (CN), Onix (GE), Orizzonte (SV), Thermae (Cavi di Lavagna - GE), BBQ (GE), Piscina dei Castelli (Sestri Lev. - GE), Boccaccio (CN), Gasoline (MI), Fashion Café (MI), La Tartaruga (Recco - GE), Fellini (GE), Zinco (S.Margherita Lig. - GE), L’Etoile (Cervinia - AO), Soho Lounge Bar (Bogliasco - GE), Lazy Wave (Arenzano - GE), Il Clan (GE), Lebowsky (GE), Ma.Bi.Ba (SS), Rosa dei Venti (GE), Bajda Disco Beach (Spotorno - SV), Bar Sport (SS), Jump (GE), Cuxinn-e du Bilanciere (GE), Galata Cafè (GE), Piccolo Bar (SS), Carnival of Valledoria 09 (SS), Carnival of Viddalba 09 (SS), Discoball (Pride Village 2009 Genova), Mizar (SS), Blu Beach (SS), Vogue (SS), La Kascia 2 O* (Varazze - SV), Babylon (SS), Carnival of Tempio Pausania 2010 (OT), Sol Levante (Cavi Lavagna - GE), Blue-Ice (CN), MEP (Sestri Lev. - GE), Blunt Beach Club (GE), Villa Sparina (AL), Czekolada, Chorzow (POLAND), Taawa Music Club, Krakow (POLAND), Castello di Quassolo (Altare - SV), Mosquito Beach (Pescoluse – LE), Castello Canevaro (Zoagli - GE), Black Tuna (GE), Mister Bar (GE), Circolo Artistico Tunnel (GE), 261 (GE), Carnival of Tempio Pausania 2011 (OT), Cotton Club (GE), Azulina Private Party (GE), Skipper (Cavi Lavagna - GE), Pepero (Porto Cervo - OT), Senhor Do Bonfim (GE), Porto Antico Genova-New Year's Day 2012, Carnival of Tempio Pausania 2012 (OT), ControNoia (Isola Rossa - OT), Briciole XX (GE), Wave (Arenzano - GE), Pool Parties Golf Club Pineta (Arenzano - GE), Gambin (Lerici - SP), Ferrari House Club c/o Villa Durazzo (S.Margherita Lig.- GE), BFly (Loano – SV), Banano Tsunami (GE), Dancefest 2012 c/o Mercato Ortofrutticolo Bolzaneto (GE), La Rampetta (GE), Carnival of Tempio Pausania 2013 (OT), Ex Bowl (Tempio - OT), Glimmer Cafè (Tempio - OT).

Also been, since 2011, as a DJ, the band dance-rock Sunset Boys, a band that has done many productions and remixes of famous artists, and has assets of live concerts throughout Italy.



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