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Lele Mas
Lele Mas
Deep House, Tech House
DJ & Producer
Lele Mas
Lele Mas is a protagonist of the “movement” We are Family,

being a co-founder, resident DJ and recently received strong feedbacks

with his latest productions and performances.

Manuele Mastrella was born in Rome on the May 16 th of 1984.

He has been a DJ since 2000, his skillset and craft comes from an array

of inspiration he found in the House Music; and from the years, he has

spent behind the decks as a DJ in his hometown of Rome.

His style was heavily influenced by Chicago’s House Music, and later

on he will have started experimenting different styles and genres,

identifying himself in TECH-House genre mainly. Moving to London in

2014 will represent the most significant step for Manuele’s career, and

the opportunity of being on the console next to the hottest artists of

the European scene will give him huge motivational inputs.

After the series of parties for which We are Family is starting to

be renowned for is remarkable Lele’s performance at the boat party

that closed the Summer session 2016 with special guest Luca Cazal

from Hot creations and where Lele’s met Andrea Giudice, another

Italian young talent who produces on Pirupa’s label NONSTOP and

who will start collaborating with Lele in terms of productions.

Later on Lele will play on the decks with artists such as Roberto

Capuano in we are family presents Roberto capuano, and in Italy for

Lorenzo De Blanck’s party, Simple, he will close the night next to his

best team mate Louis Costa in b2b after Richy’s Ahmed set.

The peak of his career so far can be considered the current one where

during We are Family calendar 2017 “key east over fun” he would

perform next to Anthea, Neverdogs, Leon, Marco Faraone, Max

Chapman, DJ Dep and Simone Liberali among Clubs and Boat parties.

Nevertheless, Lele is focusing more on the productions, thank to

all the positive influences that the surrounding environment is giving

him and his ambition to get fully established in TECH-HOUSE music


On May 29 th together with Andrea Giudice he has released his last EP

“In the closet”, also containing a mix by the master of productions DJ




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