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Dario C
Dario C
Chill Out, Deep House, Electro House, Electronica, House, Minimal, Progressive House, Tech House, Techno
DJ & Producer
Dario C.
Name: Dario Cannonieri
Born: Juni 29 ,1992 in Montebelluna, Italy
Artist name: Dario C.
Labels: Poker dust, Flowteck records
Genere: House/Electro/Club/Techno
At the beginning of his career, Dario starts to know the world of music at the age of 14 with the first musical software. He is passionate about all that is related of music, attendings club and disco and starts to intrest in productions. At the age of 16 knows some emerging djs and singers and works for a rapper project. In his small recording studio two artists who were recording propose him to record a CD. After six months of the proposal the project starts to be serious and at the age of 18 Dj Dario (first artist name) publics some copies about his fisrt cd called "Take this sound". This album includes Dario's productions but includes some hip hop traks , made by Rabber mc and other mc, rappers and singers. After that, Dario becames known in the countries close to him and plays in the first club. At 19 years old plays in some disco in Veneto (his region) as Today,Gigabyte club, disco Palace, All in, Baita al lago, Max, Infity and others; plays in locals, pub and bars too but continues his passion for the production. Now he is looking for collaboration.



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